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Our 100% Coconut Oil Dog Soap is a natural and nourishing solution for your furry friend's grooming needs.  It is suitable for all types of coat. 


Essential oils have been blended for each scented bar to deal with specific problem areas; such as itchy skin using essentials that target itchiness.  Oats are added as they are known to lessen inflammation and soothe itchy skin.


Smelly Pooch has green clay added to draw out impurities from the skin, leaving it clean and healthy.


Pong Go! is our signature scent, blended by myself to create a beautiful soapy, floral smell.


Handmade with love, this soap is free from harsh chemicals and comes in a plastic-free packaging, making it an eco-friendly choice for the conscious owner.


The soap is pH balanced, ensuring it won't strip your dog's skin of its natural oils. With the goodness of coconut oil, it will leave your dog's coat healthy, shiny, and smelling great.


Give your pup a spa-like experience with our Coconut Oil Dog Soap.


Choose from:-


Itchy Pooch - carrot seed, geranium, lavender with oats

Smelly Pooch - lavender, sweet orange, cedarwood with green clay

Sensitive Pooch - no colour, no scent

Bug Repel - citronella, lemongrass with calendula (dried marigold) petals

Pong Go! - lavender, sweet orange, frankincense, black pepper, ylang-ylang, patchouli


HOW TO USE: Get your dog wet, rub the soap bar over their coat, working up a great lather.  Set soap aside, rub well into your dog's coat, then shower off the product.  Leave to dry naturally, or blow dry - whatever your dog is used to.


NB: If you're a dog groomer and would like to discuss wholesale options, please get in touch.


100% Coconut Oil Dog Soap

  • Please keep all handmade soap in a dry place between uses.  Handmade soap is packed with glycerin goodness and this attracts moisture.  By keeping your soap bar dry between uses it wont become "mushy" and will last longer.

    Each bar has plastic free wrapping.

    To Use: ensure your dog's coat is very wet.  Rub the soap bar over their coat and work up a good lather. Set soap aside, rub the product into the dog's coat and massage.  Run water over the coat to remove the soap.  Dry the dog as per normal.

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