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This is a souffle type body cleanser and exfoliator that is suitable for the bath or shower. Only a small amount is needed to exfoliate your whole body. Pay particular attention to dry areas on knees and elbows.


It contains glycerin, vitamin E and sweet almond oil leaving your skin feeling soft, nourished and smelling great. It's a luxurious product which is ideal to give as a gift or to treat yourself. A little goes a long way and each 150ml tub will last a long time.


This beautiful foaming body scrub comes in 3 different scents and colours to match our whipped soap and body butters. Either mix and match or buy the matching set to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise.


The 3 scents are: Bristol Pride, Harbour Festival and Balloon Fiesta to celebrate 3 of the main events held in Bristol throughout each year.


Bristol Pride has top notes of pistachio, lemon, cherry & creamy vanilla with middle notes of caramel, coconut, shea butter and bottom notes of rose & amber. Coloured is an array of colours to mark the colourful Pride parade.

Harbour Festival is a delicious sweet fragrance with vanilla and a honey powdery base. Coloured in our branding "Tiffany" blue/turquoise.

Balloon Fiesta scented with cherry liqueur & almond with heart notes of black cherry, plum, turkish rose, jasmine & spices on base notes of vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, tonka and musk. Coloured in pink.

Foaming Body Scrub

  • Only a small scoop about the size of your thumbnail is needed. Scoop out and apply to wet skin. Smooth all over to exfoliate your skin, paying attention to any dry skin areas, then rinse off.

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