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Handmade soap is so much better for your skin than mass produced soap because it's packed with glycerin to soften and moisturise your skin. Big conglomerates remove the glycerin to sell separately, which is why it can leave your skin feeling dry.

These are made using the hot process method, giving them a rustic, homemade appearance.

We've also added wonderful essential oil blends to scent our soaps.

Purple - lavender/cedarwood

Blue - tea tree/rosemary

Green - peppermint/spearmint

Yellow - lemon/may chang/black pepper

Orange - sweet orange/patchouli/lavender

Red - geranium/patchouli

We have given our soaps names that are Bristolian related, so if you can't choose which scent, maybe you will want to choose a place!

Purple - Clifton Chic

Blue - Scent Paul's

Green - Mint Meader

Yellow -

Orange -

Red -

As with all soaps, leave in a dry area when not in use to give it a longer life. Otherwise, as with all homemade soaps, the glycerin will soak up any moisture and turn the soap soft.

Handmade Bristolian Soap

  • Olive oil, Shea and coconut oil are the main ingredients in these soaps for their moisturising skin properties.

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